“Hard Kicks and Raw Sounds will be our Crimes”

Founded by milanese young gun house producer Fabio Monesi in early 2012, Wilson Records released its first 12″ of 2013 about two weeks ago. WLS04 continues the Split-Grooves-Series, which on part 1 featured Fabio Monesi and his talented spanish colleague Kastil. On Split Grooves Part 2 the label head partners up with the versed finnish producer Deymare, who already delivered some quality jazz infused grooves back in June on WLS02 with his track Jack the Love.
Both of them contribute two original tunes each to Split Grooves part 2, which makes this yet another 4 track EP that showcases their intricate production skills. 624, Wilson’s Krime, Living The Dream and Waxman all have their distinctive characteristics and add to the diversity of this record making it a well rounded package and a worthy addition to any house heads vinyl collection. Especially Wilson’s Krime with its wonderfully raw breakdown and Waxman, where bass-line, hi hats, percussion and keys just seem to be working off each other bring to view, how Fabio Monesi and Deymare, have mastered the art of keeping it simple and yet interesting without overproducing.

You can check out fullĀ length versions of the tracks on Wilson’s YouTube channel here.

2012 was a pretty gratifying year for Fabio: Gaining the support of Panorama Bar regulars Italo Johnson and the legend himself Kerri Chandler and also playing in Berlin’s world famous Watergate club for the first time, while simultaneously setting up his own label which has so far championed established and well known artists like Washerman and Alex Agore as well as pushing and introducing new talent such as Luca Ballerini and Okee Ru.
With all of this clearly headed in right direction you should definitely keep an eye on him and Wilson Records in 2013.