“Ever seen a kid jack so hard they knock themselves out? Welcome to our world”

(Waze&Odyssey in an interview on pnutbutterjams.com)

Creating underproduced, rough, simple and uplifting garage infused house music is something that London based duo Waze&Odyssey have perfected. It is quite astonishing what Serge Santiago and Firas Waez were able to compile so far, considering that their debut release, under their newly founded alias, was just in january of this year . Ever since that first EP on petFood they have been going strong, racking up release after release on established imprints such as: Body Work, Disco Bloodbath, Sccucci Manucci and Wolf Music, while also providing remixes for the likes of T.E.E.D and Disclosure.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, they decided to launch their very own label in october: W&O Street Tracks just recently released its second record called Krunk EP  produced by the very talented Ejeca and it features 3 tracks and a remix provided by the label heads themselves.

After playing Panorama Bar at the beginning of december, Waze&Odyssey conclude their insanely productive and successful year with yet another huge release on New York label Throne of Blood. “I Want You You You” is out today!

Assuming the boys continue in this fashion in 2013, there should be heaps to look forward to.