Warsaw based producer The Phantom has been a steady force within the bass and club music scene ever since his first release on Senseless Records in late 2010. His second release on Silverback Recordings simply titled EP2 again showed off his precise production skills and by then he had gained support by artists such as Kingdom, Canblaster, Lunice, Brenmar and Oneman.

With these earlier releases The Phantom displayed that he is comfortable producing bass and neon synth driven club tracks as well as strip down house tunes, which underlines his diversity.

His latest EP on polish label Your Mama’s Friend entitled Piano Moods has him venture off into more of the genre of deep 90s house music. This however does not mean that the tracks don’t have a modern twist to them. He manages to capture the familiar 90s sounds and grooves and merges them with more contemporary textures to create an amazingly composed selection of tracks, which take you on a journey from deep late night grooves to pumping piano house.

Adding  the remixes from New Zealand duo Chaos in the CBD and Wolf Music’s Medlar this five tracker is sure to leave you satisfied.

Piano Moods will be released on 17th of January.