So this is Juliet. She is pretty young but makes really mature music.
Why mature you ask? Well, she put together an album by herself which really deserves the classification album in its traditional sense, being not a random arrangement of non related songs but a continuous stream of interlocked sound and lyrics.
I say by herself because she not only wrote all the lyrics to the 11 songs (minus the two instrumental tracks I’m Blushing & Last of November) but also had the whole musical concept in mind when recording the album with friends in Colorado Springs, Colorado around the same time last year. On the record you hear lots of different musical influences but they are hard to pin down to specific genres or sound-alikes. Even during songs there are musical changes and transitions that will surprise you and especially on the second listen, her tonal uniqueness in hand with a versatile and powerful voice makes her music so intricate and strong.

She released The Classical in January this year on bandcamp and since then performed its body of work on stage with a band she assembled.

For the rest of 2012 Juliet was and still is busy graduating from College and will return to making music early next year. The only exception being her new song Our Lady of Revenge which is up for sale on bandcamp but she kindly gives it away to you – Cutting Hedge readers – exclusively on our Soundcloud. Listen to and download her christmas gift below for a limited time only.