“I created a pop persona, put myself out there as an image, a character, and added
more personality to the DJ thing. That got the ball rolling as far as being an artist,
 more creative and not hiding behind the turntables.”

(Tiga in an Interview with Canadian Exclaime! Magazine, 2006)

With these words, canadian diva and Turbo Recordings head honcho Tiga early on defined his musical persona which entertained us all so splendid over the past years.
His new single Plush was premiered within his recent Tiga Non Stop Mix CD for Different Recordings and once more showcases his ambition of maintaining this persona.

Looking somewhat like an extravagant homage to picture based song uploads on Youtube and sounding somewhere between Matthew Dear’s Don and Sherri (no wonder as Dear collaborated with Tiga on Plush)
and a slowed down version of  Paul McCartney’s Temporary Secretary.
To hold still for more than six minutes would have been to much so the video only captures half of the original song which you can listen to below including remixes by Jacques Lu ContÂme.