“He did it again” is a phrase you stumble upon quite often when it comes to Levon Vincent’s music and rightfully so I might add. This time around the phrase could also be used to describe the way he issued his latest release. Similar to when the announcement of his Stereo Systems EP back in december took many people by surprise, again fans were caught unawares when he, on February 4th, revealed that his next record is set to be released and distributed on the 5th (via Rubadubrecords).

NS-08 has been released on his own vinyl only imprint Novel Sound and is a 4 track EP featuring a reprint of the very sought after DJSF II (Double Jointed Sex Freak Part II) and the first official release of Rainstorm II, which was first heard of in his highly acclaimed Fabric 63 mix.

If you are thinking about buying a copy be advised to not wait around for too long, since these tend to go pretty quickly.