Marvin Horsch represents a magic formula. He is both a versatile DJ and producer. His sets and productions are both full of totally different moods and sounds yet do they each form a cohesive character which evolves in its full scope rather over time than instantly. Although there is one straight forward focus on the dance floor, the floor in this case hosts multiple tastes and expectations that Horsch manages to satisfy to the fullest with his work both in the club and on the record. After some time behind the decks all in and around Cologne, he started uploading his first works as a producer on his soundcloud half a year ago.

Simultaneously, his environment built a musical entourage that soon formed the Dorfjungs collective. The young group of friends began to throw nights for kindred spirits and soon gained the attention of Cologne’s Techno institution Kompakt.
This month, the first result of that getting to know process was released as the foundation of Dorfjungs as the youngest label being distributed worldwide by Kompakt. His impressive four track debut EP Pace proves the above made point about Horsch’s work, boosting a playful yet focused interaction with and arrangement of many different references.

Not until four minutes in, it becomes clear that Maybe Happy is the most melodic track out of the bunch. The track evolves from a laid back electronica vibe into a full-fledged indie song. On the other hand, Orangutanz sounds on its surface like a bold Ostgut staple from Berghain but Horsch plays way more with with the percussive elements here. Gemüsegärtner is a clever arrangement of house, organic percussion and distorted sounds Oizo would use, all mixed together creating a hypnotic yet subtle banger. Fittingly, the title track Pace tailors all these different influences into one piece that fits many guises.
The EP has been so far only available on vinyl, limited to 300 copies, with a handmade woodcut cover created by the crewmembers themselves. Cop this beautiful release via Kompakt and if you do not live nearby Cologne and cannot wait until this guy tours the world, listen to his great podcast for Dorfjungs right here.