“Its all very simple! Mad Mats & Tooli are Local Talk Records and they really like house music…”

Although they are just 23 releases in, swedish label Local Talk has already made quite a name for themselves within the underground house music scene, building up a pretty impressive catalogue, which covers various genres from deep and tech house to 90′s and garage house.

Their first release of the year featured Anaxander, who provided some hard hitting acid tunes with his Local Talking EP. Not wasting any time they have their second release of the year titled Monster Munch EP dropping today. Taking the reigns on this one are welsh garage/house veterans C.R.S.T. and Chesus, who is actually the “C” in C.R.S.T., plus a nice feature from The Organ Grinder on the title track. Doing what they do best the guys deliver 3 jacking house tunes with Chesus mixing it up a little bit on the wonderfully soulful and funky Special, which is the fourth and last track of the record.

As we previously determined label heads Mad Mats and Tooli are not likely to waste too much time in-between their releases, which is why the third one of this year already is in the pipelines and set to hit record stores end of January/early February. This being their second release on Local Talk, Kyodai return with their very promising EP called Moving. There are no clips up on soundcloud yet but if you can not wait to have a listen, you can head over here and check out the snippets on deejay.de