Describing the sound of your home can be a difficult task. Despite local music scenes getting global exposure through the internet or sound ambassadors like your favorite DJ’s, there are still lasting geographical attributions to musical genres. From Baile Funk in Brazil to Dutch House in the Netherlands, Dirty South Rap, UK Garage, Ballroom in NYC, Juke in Chicago or Techno in Detroit and Berlin, there are countless allocations between sound and its origin.
Being the second biggest city in Germany after Berlin, one could easily assume that there must be an almost equally vibrant music scene or a characteristic sound of Hamburg as it is ascribed to the former. But since the boom of German rap which lasted from the end of the 1990s until 2003, there has not been much left of a local community of forward thinking music makers, nor is there a typical Hamburg sound to find. That does not mean that Hamburg is a musical wasteland though. It seems that the local scene works pretty much off stage and that there are not many musicians with an official artist name and discography but more so people that are involved in different projects for other artists or under different monikers.

Joney is one of, if not the most promising of this loose bunch, slowly but steadily coming out with an official catalogue of his own material.
He has been busy making music ever since his critically acclaimed Violent Jazz EP back in 2009 and continued with releasing a plethora of material on his soundcloud from there on. Besides producing music, he also established himself as a regular behind the decks of the city’s best Golden Pudel Club, formed the ILL collective and curated the booking of the renowned eat the beat parties which brought established acts like Martyn, Bok Bok and Redshape to Hamburg and proved a good sense for upcoming talents by booking the by then unknown likes of Mosca, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Hackman.

Hamburg based Saturate!Records became the home for releasing his own material and logically serves as the host of his first mini album Illowhead which he released in the end of 2012.

The album’s artwork by artist Thomas Wahle is a perfect visual framework for Joney’s sound. Although the seven songs boost countless different sounds and influences, they still share the club as a common ground. Assign Allright to the Trap sound or Get Drunk to Juke (our personal favorite featuring Grapes) if you need to, but in the end, every song is more than just one genre. Many sound directions and a sense for sophisticated maximalism form a style that makes you move but think at the same time.
You can get this fantastic mini album as a gift or name your price via the Saturate!Records bandcamp until Friday. A vinyl release via Hamburg based Audiolith Records is in the making.

Also, Joney kindly gave us one of his older tunes Scootin’ Fruity exclusively for you to download. On this juke infused track he makes great use of a sample from the best youtube spoof channel and shows off his impeccable drumming skills.

Make sure to like Joney’s facebook page right HERE to get more free stuff from him and keep yourself updated with his great work.