Still figuring out what new sounds 2013 will bring to the table? Los Angeles based label slash suitable called collective, Friends of Friends starts this year with the yesterday release of the Show Me the Future compilation. Boosting seven tracks from members and favorites of their family. Newcomers like Evenings (expect his debut on the label this spring) and Kid Smpl (check his recent interview and mix for Truants) provide the type of headphone music the label is most known and praised for since releasing most of Shlohmo‘s material (and they will continue to do so with his new Laid Out EP scheduled for March 5th) while Octa Octa, Ryan Hemsworth, DJAO, Pcoat and Dreams bring things more close to the dancefloor. You can listen to and download the compilation via their bandcamp above. Name your price and soak it in, no skipping allowed.