Read about, listen to and download our top five free downloads from last month below.

Before we got to know Ryan Hemsworth‘s talent as a producer in 2011, it was his entertaining perspective and selection as a music blogger on his now defunct A Half-Warmed Fish blog that made us follow his every step, or post for that instance. As part of a new compilation by the Belgian Folie Douce collective, Hemsworth once again proved his confident and eclectic taste by mashing up something that doesn’t immediately make sense musically to a great effect. Listen to the A$AP Rocky x Britney Spears collab below and download the whole compilation right here. Also, be on the lookout for Ryan’s proper debut album Guilt Trips coming October 22nd via Last Gang Records.

Since Stefan Burnett and Zach Hill formed Death Grips with the help of producer Andy Morin in 2010, the trio from Sacramento challenged many expectations in both artistic and business related ways. Their 2011 debut Exmilitary brought them excited reviews and a soon cult-like following which prompted a major deal with Epic for two albums in 2012. With the leak of both their The Money Store album and E-mail conversations with Epic, the group forced exiting their deal and also released their third album No Love Deep Web for free last October. All their musical output has brought a scattered – in a sense of assigning it to specific genres – yet distinctive sound to the ears of its listeners. In that sonic tradition, the group just released Birds which oscillates between raging, moshpit provoking synths and psychedelic Spongebob pitched guitars, all accompanied by lyrics that are either hilariously metaphoric or nonsense, you decide!

Back in July, Mr Oizo released a free EP called Amicalement via his website. Most outlets celebrated his of course hilarious song with Marilyn Manson but Oizo seemed interested in reminding us about its opener UNICAT which he uploaded separately this month on his soundcloud. That track sounds typical Oizo, served as a hyperactive yet focused strobo banger that immediately makes you either go nuts or home. To get accustomed at your comfy place first, maybe watch one of his excellent movies while downloading the EP here. See you later!

Around the same time last year, the world got introduced to the then mysterious Captain Murphy on his collaborative effort Between Friends with Earl Sweatshirt via the Adult Swim Single Series. After heavy celebration of his Duality mixtape and speculation about the artist behind it, LA beatsmith Flying Lotus unveiled Captain Murphy as both his alter ego and first attempt as a rapper. Next summer, second installment of the Adult Swim Series and we get what seems as a response or follow-up to last year’s Between Friends. Between Villains is once more partly supported from Earl but also boosts fantastic bass support by genius Thundercat and Victor Vaughn aka MF Doom from whom Lotus had been chasing a verse for the past eight years. Download the majestic result right here.

I have absolutely no clue for what Monto is responsible for on this track but it sounds so full of different ideas that make a strange but, at the latest on the second listen, beautiful sense. Distorted ambient turns into happy Zelda music with high pitched voices and a soulful breakdown leading up to a fusion of all three parts after just two of its great four minutes. We could have picked more tunes from his soundcloud for this installment as he seems both massively talented and generous but we have reached our high five limit for this month. See you in October for September.