Once again, we look back at our five favorite free songs from this month which you can all download below each respective track.

In celebration of its ten year anniversary, Four Tet’s seminal album Rounds got reissued by Domino Records this month. Along with that, the master himself shared the original promo version for Unspoken, the first track he did for the album almost twelve years ago.
Both back then and ten years later for the reissue, a Tori Amos sample could not be cleared and the track was changed for the album releases. Listen to and download the original version including the sample from Amos’ Winter below.

Joseph Marinetti came out of nowhere this month but still was heard all around thanks to LuckyMe who first introduced him next to the fantastic DJ Paypal on their b2b session for the label’s Rinse FM guest show. Being a longtime affiliate with the label, Marinetti is very likely to release more of his stuff via the imprint soon. Judging from S W M, we are very excited for that!

Consisting of producers Matt Martians and Pyramid Vritra, The Jet Age of Tomorrow just released their third album JellyFish Mentality via Odd Future. Consequently, many familiar voices from that camp are featured on the album with one distinct highlight: Mike G
While he is mostly known for a series of chopped & screwed mixtapes, his prime talent has been far to little present in the OF releases. On Asia, everything fits perfectly. The beat from Matt Martians is in line with Mike’s laid back flow but still exciting enough to work on its own when Mike stays quiet during the hook. Download the song as part of the whole album for free right here.

Jamie Grind is another Soundcloud find as his track Whenever We Say Goodbye has been in our and many other favorites for over a year now. As a thank you to his followers, he now decided to finally give the track away for free as part of an EP which you can also download right here.

Lastly there is Ludacris. After many business moves with the obvious bad guys and some terrible acting adventures the now old man is back with a new mixtape that you can immediately forget about. But there is an exception with buddy-from-the-beginning Bangladesh on production duties. Although both clearly have their respective golden years behind them, IDGAF is just blunt and blissful.