At the end of the month, and it is time to look back and see what the first 31 days of 2013 have brought us.

After the introducing HIGH FIVE résumé back in December, we now continue with our first proper selection of the five best free songs from January 2013.
In addition to our top five choice we always try to give you one exclusive track to download ourselves.

After last month’s offering from Juliet Gordon’s The Classical project we were stoked to have Joney from our hometown Hamburg, providing us with his juke infused and youtube referencing Scootin’ Fruity this month. Out of competition and still available to download below. Also, his label home Saturate!Records just released a free/name your price compilation with his Like Crystal track and many other great talents from the labels’ extended family. Listen and download HERE.

First off a song with no artist nor title but thanks to the #Unknown soundcloud channel initiated at the end of 2011. Giving shy artists the opportunity to present their music anonymously and still get feedback from a growing base of listeners was and still is a great concept and Unknown #57 the perfect example, boosting a tongue-in-cheek sample use of The Voice UK participant Tyler JamesSingle Tear acapella turning ballad into 2-step.

From unknown to most known, there has been somewhat of a small OutKast reunion this month. After nearly seven years without releasing music together, it came as a big surprise when Big Boi uploaded a remix of the André 3000 assisted Frank Ocean cut Pink Matter via his soundcloud. Although the track came with the statement of André that this would not be a reunion as a group, take it for what it is, a great track from the best album of 2012 with both OutKast members delivering fantastic lyrical performances on their own.

London based Two Inch Punch first emerged on the scene with two original tracks on his soundcloud back in 2010. Both songs got widespread attention which lead to a white label release and him signing with PMR Records, sharing his management with internets’ greatest mystery Jai Paul, remixing the likes of Metronomy, Jessie Ware, Wacka Flocka Flame and recently being asked to do the same with mister MySpace Justin Timberlake. To celebrate this and 10000 followers on his soundcloud T.I.P kindly gave away this gem of beautifully chopped and layered vocals.

With Simon Green, we have another brit in the selection, who is better known as downtempo maestro Bonobo. Before his new album The North Borders drops on April 1st, he kindly gives away its first single Cirrus in exchange for your E-Mail address HERE.
With the beautiful song comes a fantastic music video that boosts marvelous editing and a similar vibe to Flying Lotus’ Putty Boy Strut clip. Watch it right HERE

Lastly there is Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet whose output most people nowadays shelve into techno/house music judged by his recent Pink LP. Although that might not be false, especially when looking at his own Text imprint, there is still way more to discover from Hebdens’ diverse catalogue.
0181 being a single stream compilation of sketches and drafts Hebden crafted between 1997 and 2001 and generously uploaded to his souncloud. A lot to discover and soon out on vinyl via Text Records.