CTEPEO ’57 is a new collaborative endeavour from Max Graef and Muff Deep who are both heavily involved (Max is the founder) in running the much loved vinyl-only Box aus Holz label from Berlin.
Their first EP The Missouri Breaks was just released through Copenhagen based Tartelet Records although this project boosts equally warm and soulful House as you can find on their Box aus Holz. To properly introduce the new project, they gave their additional cut Space Race away for free.

New Jersey based artist Daniel Fisher revived his Physical Therapy project in conjunction with the inauguration of his new Allergy Season label. Two reasons to celebrate this occasion:
1) As always with the man, an amusingly clever visual identity of the project
2) the first release of his label marks a seven song strong free EP called Non-Drowsy.
Check out Smoov, our favorite of the great bunch below.

Somepoe from Oulo, Finland graduated from the acclaimed Red Bull Music Academy New York this year and I can imagine he got special credit for his vocal pitching skills as present in his addictive rework of Lil Debbie’s & Riff Raff’s Squirt.

The fusion of R&B singer Kelela with production from Night Slugs/Fade To Mind stalwarts Nguzunguzu, Bok Bok, Jam City, Morri$ and Girl Unit is way more than just a win-win for both parties, it is the continuation of reinventing an exciting yet critically buffeted genre. Kelela’s fantastic and free debut mixtape CUT 4 Me could not better be summed up than in her own words:
“This sounds like a pop song even though it only has one verse and then goes straight into the chorus and then the bridge and then you’re out. That song is kind of fucked up. You’re kind of like “What just happened?” And that’s the point. You should be like “Oh, I love this part! Oh, I love this part! Oh, I love this part!” but you don’t know each part is coming.”

I have no further clue about producer THE JACK4L nor rappers Corporal B. & Loz. Confessions of the Corporal is one of five fantastic cuts on his soundcloud, sounding like 90′s US rap reminiscent 2013 UK rap. Luckily it is also free for you to own it.